Luxus International was founded in 1998 on the island of Oahu over 20 years ago.

The only local leading manufacturer and distributor of hotel amenities for Hawaii’s hotels and resorts.  We repeatedly received phone calls from hotel guests who would typically bring their own hair and body care products say “wow I was so surprised when I used your product and really loved it!  How can I buy your products?”  Those repeated words created our retail collection.

Luxus International created 8 proprietary fragrances each one unique and artfully crafted to bring you the Hawaii that you know and love.

Our hair and body care products are made with natural botanical extracts and essential oils using only high cosmetic grade ingredients in all of our products to ensure quality, consistency and complete satisfaction.  Our classic collections of our Hawaiian Flowers and Hawaiian Fruits exquisitely capture the islands and surely you will find one or more collections that you will fall in love with!

Personal Paradise…… your senses and delight yourself to an aroma of Hawaii’s  island infusions.  Bath and Body in Paradise.